Online Blackjack Casinos

It is thought that Ving-et-Un, a French game meaning Twenty-one that was popular in the 1700s, was the predecessor of modern-day Blackjack. The game has always been popular in land-based game houses, and has proven to be just as much of a favourite in Malaysian online casinos. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, mobile Blackjack is delivering thrills anytime and anywhere!

Basic Blackjack Casino Game Rules

The rules of the Blackjack game are actually quite simple, and allow players to combine the luck of what they are dealt with their own skills and strategy. To begin with, every player in the game, and the dealer who represents the game house, are given two cards. The game objective is to get a hand total of twenty-one, or as near as possible to this total without exceeding it. You are allowed to draw further cards from the deck, and when you no longer wish to draw you are said to stand. The dealer in Blackjack online has to draw until reaching a minimum total of seventeen.

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The number cards from two to ten are assigned their face value, Aces are assigned eleven or one and the King, Queen and Jack cards are valued at ten. Bets are placed before your hand is seen. If you score higher than the dealer but not over twenty-one you win your wager, if you score lower you lose and if you tie you may keep your bet. If player and dealer both go over twenty-one the house wins. The best possible hand is called a Blackjack or a Natural Twenty-one, with a combination of a Face and an Ace card and a spectacular 3:2 return.

Use Strategy to Enhance Playing Enjoyment

As you play the Blackjack online game more and more, you will probably find that its true satisfaction comes from developing and refining your strategy. This is greatly encouraged but you also need to be careful and make sure you apply strategy correctly; even small deviations can decrease winning odds dramatically. We offer some basic tips here, but there are also fabulous resources available at the online Malaysian casinos we review. You are also usually allowed to play risk-free without making a deposit, allowing for invaluable practice.

As in all casino card games, the odds of winning in mobile Blackjack are stacked against players. Careful moves can reduce the house edge considerably, and you should base your strategy on the hand you were dealt and on the visible face-up card of the dealer. With this information, it is possible to determine the odds of every situation and decide how to be based on this. There are also several online Blackjack casino tables online where this has already been done for you, showing you exactly how to bet based on every combination of the dealer’s upcard and your own hand.

Another very popular strategy is to card count, and it is possible to use this to decrease the house edge to almost zero or even to give players a slight advantage. This demands a lot of practice and skill, and should be done very carefully with the help of the online resources mentioned above.

A Game as Sophisticated as the Players of Today

Visitors to online mobile casinos in Malaysia are thinking gamblers, and will relish this thought-provoking online blackjack that still delivers exciting elements of chance. Use our thorough reviews to find the best real money blackjack casino games available.