Mobile Keno Casino

Those who enjoy Bingo, Roulette and online Poker will all appreciate Keno. A unique game that contains elements of all three, it is the ideal entertainment for players looking for gambling thrills without too much risk. With mobile devices becoming more and more integrated into daily life, online Malaysian casino users are spoilt for choice with world-class mobile Keno games,

Keno Casino Games – How It Works

Keno is a lottery-like entertainment, with numbers randomly selected from a pool of eighty. In live casinos, these numbers are on balls that are drawn, while in online Keno games a Random Number Generator is used. Before the random numbers are drawn or generated, players must make their own selection of numbers, choosing those that they think will be drawn. Payouts are then made according to how much you have wagered, and how many of the numbers you chose match those that were generated or came up in the draw.

Best Keno Games for Malaysians

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With house-specific rules and house edges varying from casino to casino, no two games are ever alike and the Keno casino games that every game house offers are unique to the establishment. Every game is fresh and exciting, and playing online is actually more beneficial than playing offline. Digital games are cheaper and pay out more! There are many superb versions of mobile Keno available to Malaysian gamblers, and time reading our reviews and exploring them yourself is very well spent.

Online Keno Strategy

It is not really possible to develop strategy very much with this Keno casino game, as it is largely based on chance and the large pools of numbers mean winning is quite rare. However, there are some tips that can tip the odds to favour you, and when payouts do occur they are so handsome that it is worth learning these tricks.

The first thing to remember is to always place as large a bet as you are allowed to. While this does not decrease the large house edge, it does make payouts even more lavish so that you are even more rewarded. At Keno mobile casino sites, the maximum wager is usually five coins.

Over the years, amateur enthusiasts (and a few shady characters!) have set forth many false hints and strategies, and knowing what to avoid is just as important as knowing what you should do. It is often advised that multiple tickets be bought, with the suggesting being that you will be able to select more numbers and thus increase your chance of winning. However, this is actually completely false – payouts are based on individual tickets so the odds are always the same. It is often more exciting when you buy more tickets, but you are not any more likely to win.

Another popular but completely incorrect idea involves analysing how frequently different numbers appear as you are deciding which ones to pick. There is no pattern to the number generation in this random online Keno game, and past draws have no bearing on future combinations. You may find sites that suggest numbers that are called Hot or Due to hit, but this advice is best avoided.

Perfect Playing Anywhere and Anytime

Malaysian online casino users are among the most discerning and dynamic in the world, and Keno mobile casino will strike all the right notes. It is gentle enough for any player, while still offering the genuine thrill of a real gambling entertainment. Check out the best places to play in our comprehensive reviews, and then enjoy the casino Keno games from wherever you are.