Mobile Sic Bo Casino

With roots in Ancient China, this game has been popular for centuries. Today it is well-loved in online casinos in Malaysia and across the rest of the world. Smartphones and tablets have made it available to mobile casino players on the go, whenever the mood strikes them. Mobile Sic Bo online is the ideal entertainment for the busy gamblers of today.

Mobile Sic Bo Game Basics

The Sic Bo game’s mechanics are actually quite simple, but its huge range of possible outcomes means that it delivers hours of entertainment. A vibrating platform called a Dice Shaker is used by the dealer to roll three dice. Using three dice makes the Sic Bo odds much higher than most other dice entertainments, but the payouts are also much more rewarding. Before they are rolled bets are placed on the outcome. In online and mobile Sic Bo, the Dice Shaker is replaced with a Random Number Generator. There are fifty possible dice combinations and it is easy to get them confused, so the Sic Bo game table makes keeping track a little simpler by showing all possible bets.

Top Malaysian Sic Bo Sites

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Sic Bo Game Strategy

Mobile Sic Bo is primarily a game of chance, and this thrilling element of the unknown are what make it so enjoyable. There is not much strategy that can be developed, but players can choose between several bets and so decide on their own Sic Bo odds. It all depends how much risk you are willing to take – or how lucky you are feeling! The various betting options are listed below.

  • Three of a kind: a specified number appears on all the dice. The house edge is huge, with the Sic Bo odds of winning 1 in 216. However, the payout is a massive 150 to 1
  • Any three of a kind: any number appears on all three dice. This is six times as likely as Three of a kind, but still very rare
  • Two of a kind: a specific number occurs on two dice. This payout is 8 to 1, with a 5.82% chance of winning
  • Duo: two different pre-specified numerals appear on two dice
  • One of a kind: one specific number appears on one die
  • Small Bets and Big Bets: online Sic Bo actually means Small Big and is most likely named for these wagers. Areas on the payout table are called Small and Big, and pay even money. In the Small Area you can bet on the sum of the dice equalling a specific number from 4 to 10, excluding Three of a kind. Thus, a roll of 3 ones or the 6 and 9 hardways is not a winning bet, giving the house an edge. In the Big Area the same rules apply, but the dice must total a pre-specified number between 11 and 17. Three of a kind is excluded again, and 3 sixes and the hardways of 15 and 12 do not yield rewards
  • You can also bet that the dice total will fall between 17 and 4. The payouts for this wager are shown on the table

Start Playing Sic Bo Online Now

The Sic Bo game has a simple design, which can create many complex possibilities and thrilling betting opportunities. The discerning visitors to Malaysian online casinos are turning to mobile Sic Bo casino more and more, and relishing the instant pleasure it provides on the go. When you are ready to get started, find the best places to play by checking out our great reviews!