Casino Craps Game

Craps has been a favourite dice game for hundreds of years, and was even a pastime of Roman legions! Today it is wildly popular in the online casinos of Malaysia. Mobile Craps games, available on tablets and smartphones, are becoming more and more common and getting better and better. Now anyone can enjoy this superb amusement, anytime and anywhere.

Mobile Craps Casino Game Malaysia

The game’s simple rules create many possibilities and will entertain discerning players for hours. Dice are rolled, and bets are placed on where they will land. In traditional casinos one of the players rolls the dice, while in online and mobile Craps games this is done with Random Number Generation.

Each round has two phases, the first called the Come Out and the second called the Point Phase. In both of these the dice are rolled across the table, which is divided into three sections. The areas on either side have spots for different bets, including the Pass and Don’t Pass Line Bets, the Come and Don’t Come Bets and Odds Bets. The central area is for Proposition Bets, and is shared by both sides. Over forty possible bets can be made on the specialised table, which can seem quite overwhelming, but you will soon start feeling comfortable and enjoying the challenge of getting to know the wagering system.

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Refining your Strategy

A Casino House almost always has the edge, but in Craps online this is particularly steep so careful game play is essential. Several different strategies have been developed over time, and are clearly explained on many excellent websites. There are also good resources at many Malaysian online casinos and you can often play free and practice. It is strongly recommended that you do your own research, but in general, it is best to establish a pattern of betting and stick to it, raising your wagers if you’re winning and lowering them if you’re losing. You should also never quit after a win.

The Best Online Craps

The Pass Line, Don’t Pass Line, Come and Don’t Come Bets are always the best to place, giving you a 50/50 chance of doubling up and only allowing the house a 1.41% advantage. If you want to be able to play for as long as possible, these are the wagers for you.

Taking the Odds and Laying the Odds give the house an even smaller advantage. You do need to have previously made one of the above bets as you are taking the odds on whether a specific number will be rolled again, which does create a marginal overall house advantage, and most casino Craps game also place a limit on Odds Bets amounts. However they are still quite lucrative, and a good choice if your time is short.

The Craps Bets not Advised

Generally, the higher a Craps game’s real odds, the greater the House’s mark-up. This means betting on unusual outcomes such as Big 6/Big 8 gives the house a massive advantage. Although the payouts are large, so is the risk and these unlikely events are best avoided. The Big Round, Hard Way and Field Bets all involve individual numbers occurring on the dice, and are prime examples of what to avoid. You should also be wary of Proposition Bets, which can give the House an advantage of up to 16%!

Play on the Go

The best way to improve your casino Craps mobile casino game is to play as much as possible and learn as you go. Check out our great reviews to decide where to begin your Craps game journey now!